Storage Services

Whether for that extra household items you just can't seem to let go off or you've decided to go abroad for a bit, maybe your office needs to free up some space or perhaps that machinery you just can't find space for.

Bottom line... everyone needs space and we've got it!

Basic Storage

Whether for personal or professional purposes, we provide storage facilities that cater to your needs. With top notch packing experience, your goods will be retrieved in the same condition you sent it. Round the clock security as well as tailor-made insurance coverage ensures no loss of value for your stored items.

Pick, Pack & Distribute

Send us your bulk shipments and let our team professionally break them down as desired. Then let us manage your stocks and distribute it to your network. Let us deal with the hassle of inventory management, deliveries and reports.

Need more info? Please feel free to contact us: info@transreysan.com

Our storage services include:

  1. Household goods
  2. Office Equipment

Types of storage:

  1. Palletised
  2. Lift vans