Document Management Services

Document Management Services (DMS) is the offsite storing of your company’s documents in our secure locations, giving our clients the peace of mind to focus on their core business/service.

Managing your documents save most companies an average of 30% of their annual expenditure (subject to the nature of their business).

When a specific document is required, we send it to you within the agreed working agreement through our fully structured retrieval system.

We provide full storage facilities, management, retrieval, delivery, security, imaging & disposal services for your documents.

TRANSREYSAN's services include:

  1. Storage facilities
  2. Total management
  3. Retrieval/Delivery
  4. Security
  5. Disposals

Most companies that manage large volumes of documents typically face the following scenario:

The Problem

  1. Shortage of Space
  2. Lack of personnel to manage documents
  3. Retrieval of documents is too time consuming

The Transreysan Solution

  1. Outsource the entire Department to US
  2. We guarantee quick and efficient access to your documents.

Transreysan Professionals

  1. Highly efficient and reliable
  2. Aim to obtain maximum customer satisfaction
  3. Reduce the Customer's stress
  4. Cost Effective/Reasonable Pricing

Types of Document Managed

  1. General Documents
  2. Insurance Policies
  3. Taxation Files
  4. Customer Accounts
  5. Legal and Commercial Files
  6. Medical Accounts
  7. Business Correspondence Files